Asda Interview Tips and Questions

If you have an interview at Asda then it very important to arm yourself with a lot of information beforehand. Know a lot about the history of the company, the stores and especially the one you will be working at, if applicable. This will show that you are enthusiastic about working for them, which is very important.

Although most companies expect you to show an interest in working or them, Asda expect you to be passionate. They want workers who are keen and hard-working. They want people who can multi task, who will do everything they can to help others. They want people who will not only help customers but also help colleagues and manage their own workload.

The interview will differ depending on the role that you are going for. Most tend to have a group interview at an assessment centre followed by an individual one. The group interview gives you a group task to do to find out how well you work as part of a team. Just make sure that you smile, join in but do not overly dominate. If someone is not contributing then try to include them by asking them what their opinion is on what you are discussing.

asda interviewIt is so important to remember that it is not just ‘a job in Asda’. There are many people who will be trying for the job and you will need to shine. You will need to show that you have the right skills for the job. Show that you are enthusiastic about working for the company. Explain why you would like to work specifically for them. It is also important to have some personal experience of them as well as just looking on their website. Have knowledge of any recent media campaigns such as TV advertising. If you do not regularly shop in Asda, visit several local stores especially the one you are applying for a job at. Try to chat to people who work there and just observe how things work and what sorts of things they sell. If you can, take a look at some message boards to find out how other people got on at an Asda interview as this could give you tips as to what to expect. However, they will change the specific questions as each interviewer may have different ideas and so do not be too specific in your preparation.

Asda Interview Questions

Questions for Customer Assistants, Salers Assistants, Shop Floor Assistants, Checkout Operator etc.

Tell me about yourself.
Describe a time you received great customer service
where you see youself in five years time.
What motivates you?
What are your strenghts?
What is your weakness?
Why Asda?
What makes you different than other candidates? Why should we hire you?
What Cartoon Character would you be and why?
What is good customer service?
Why do you want to work for Asda?
What would you change in the store?


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